Bringing sunshine into your home

A 21st century heating revolution...

Far Infrared Heating used to be very expensive, and only large organisations such as NASA and hospitals could afford this type of technology, but as always, technology moves on and prices come down, and due to newly developed techniques, mass production has now made it possible to provide Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heating Panels in everyone's home or business.  There are now suitable for everyone's needs, tastes and budgets.

As an energy solution, infrared differs from traditional heating methods: conventional radiators and heat pumps heat the air but are susceptible to drafts, take a long time to work and circulate dust and pollutants- all classic efficiency pit-falls.  Our Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heating Panels on the other hand provide a healthy solution, avoiding these problems by radiating waves which work on objects in their path - raising their temperatures directly and avoiding waste energy.

We have found one of IR's greatest advantages is its versatility: the technology is incredibly well-suited to heating a variety environments, and is just as applicable in the home as it is in the workplace.  

Infrared represents a genuine 21st century 'green' energy solution in that it promises to help transition to a more energy efficient and environmentally-conscious future.  People's focus on great cost savings is understandable - but as medical understanding deepens, the technology's health benefits are even more exciting.  



100,000 Hour Lifespan (40+ years) 


5 Year Manufacturers Warranty


No On-Going Maintenance Costs


Certified to the highest European & New Zealand standards:            



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