Wireless Thermostat with Digital Timer - Plug In

New Sold Out Wireless Thermostat with Digital Timer - Plug In

Wireless Heatermate Plug-in Thermostat with 7-Day Digital Timer (Electric Temperature Controller)

Great for any rooms.

Keep you and your children safe, healthy and comfortable by keeping bedrooms at a constant temperature. The asthma foundation recommends use of a thermostat. This ensures bedrooms are kept constant temperature as both too cold and too warm are triggers for asthma. Heatermate keeps your bedrooms at the correct constant temperature, reducing triggers for asthma.

Save money by getting better value from heaters you already own and stop awkwardly turning off and on heaters manually. Recommended on Fair Go - see 3:30 into this tips and tricks for heating your home video.

Heatermate works by detecting the temperature of your room. Heatermate then automatically turns on or off your existing electric heater. This keeps your room at a comfortable temperature, and saves you money by stopping overheating.


  1. Very easy to operate – simply turn it on and set your desired room temperature.
  2. Consists of Plug Unit and Control (Display) Unit
  3. Temperature sensor is located in Control Unit – place it in the room where you need to control room temperature
  4. Programmable Timer – program up to 4 periods with different room temperatures each day.
  5. Full 2400W power rating – suitable for use with any electric heater, which can automatically restart after power reconnection.
  6. Heating and Cooling functions. – control your heater in winter and air-conditioner in summer.
  7. Easy pairing via unique code – use multiple devices in the same house without interfering with each other
  8. Extra large LCD showing time, date and room temperature – can be used as thermometer/clock in standby mode
  9. Green backlight – easy to operate in the dark (the backlight comes on when the light button is pressed and stays on for 7 seconds)
  10. Child lock – protects your settings from those inquisitive little fingers.



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