720W - 60 x 120cm, SC Series

Special Sold Out 720W - 60 x 120cm, SC Series

Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heater 720W

White PET surface (can be custom printed)

White Frame

1.0mm inslulation layer + 0.5mm steel back plate


Size: 595x1195mm.  22mm thick

Nett weight 6.6kg


Recommended for ceiling or wall mounting and free-standing



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Materials: Carbon crystal heating film with Mirror surface    


Working Voltage:  220-240volts, 50Hz


Lifespan: 100,000 hours


Front Surface Temperature: 90-110oC


Energy Transfer Ratio: 98%


Cable: 3M with VDE certificate


Protection Rating: IP54


Inner temperature control device protects from over-heating





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