The 'Green Technology' behind Far Infrared Heating

Carbon Crystal is the next major step in the electric far infrared heating industry.

What is Carbon Crystal Technology?

Carbon crystal is the combination of carbon fibre, integrated with nanotechnology, transforming carbon into nanometer form.  The chemical and physical properties of the molecular structure of carbon are modified into micro units, very small, smooth and fine crystal powder.  The carrier which hold the nano carbon is epoxy resin, due to its superior performance.  The completion of the process strengthens carbon crystal to give a greater degree of heat conduction - converting 100% of the electricity to heat, increasing energy efficiency, safety and a longer product lifetime of more than 100,000+ hours (or 40 plus years).

When our products are powered on they generate far infrared heat in the optimal wavelength of 8-14 microns for human health.  Far-infrared rays are known as the "light of life“ and it is the only wavelength of light ray that is beneficial to the health of a human body.  Since FIR is known to penetrate 2-3 inches into our tissue and bone, it can help to improve the human immune system and well-being – see health benefits. 

Our carbon crystal panels have a patented new technology emitting 87% Far Infrared Rays (more than any other panel on the market).

The major impact that carbon crystal has on the heating industry is that it makes heating systems more energy efficient, safer and longer product lifetime.  Most notably, carbon crystal significantly increases energy efficiency by 15-20% compared to traditional carbon fibre.  When compared to electric convection heaters our carbon crystal heating panels can save up to 50% in energy consumption, in some cases even up to 80%.

Carbon crystal panels have no CO2 emissions and when powered by renewable energy (such as hydro-electricity, wind or solar power), their use is carbon neutral.

Other technology advancements:

  • Infrared heat technology is eco-friendly, using nature’s process to produce soft, healthy heat eliminating harmful monoxides found in some conventional forced air heating systems, wood stoves, or space heaters
  • The panels are non-toxic for an indoor environment without any pollution or volatile substances. The electrical insulation products are safe and reliable.  
  • Our panels are healthier than traditional forms of heat, as they do not blow dust or allergens. Plus, they don’t make noise. They also do not need filters, fuels, ducts or pumps that require seasonal cleaning and maintenance.
  • Our panels produce Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that warm and energize your body
  • Prevents and eliminates mould, infrared radiation regulates moisture on a natural, healthy level
  • The designed surface temperature of carbon crystal panels is 33-43 degrees with no overheating point.
  • Simple and easy installation